Delivery Policy

Delivery & Shipping charges

We strive to deliver products purchased from Cooldeals4you in excellent condition and in the fastest possible time frame of 20 days.

If the order is cancelled, lost or undelivered to your preferred location, we will refund the Amount.
*Order value is calculated after applying discounts/Vat or any other applicable charges*


“Cooldeals4you” is a reputed and reliable company whose name in the international industry represents confidence. Our main aim is the satisfaction of our customers with our products as well as their delivery and service.

Delivery of international or imported products

After payment is approved by the payment gateway and a confirmation is received from the customer, the order is place. The order process cycle starts as soon as the order is placed. A confirmation email and text message is sent to the customer acknowledging the order and an estimated date is given for the delivery of the product. Internally, the order is first placed in the foreign office of “Cooldeals4you” where the stock is checked accordingly in the inventory and then the product is received by the foreign office from where the transaction is made. This process takes 2-3 days. Once the product reaches the foreign office it goes through the quality inspection and it is then ready for its dispatch to the end user.

Note : Customers are liable for all custom duties and other legal procedures or Taxes.

Standard Delivery

Standard delivery is simple and takes only 7 days. As the product in already in the country it skips some of the steps that an international product has to go through. Once the order is placed, the company asks for a confirmation. As soon as the order is confirmed and payments are made online it checks for the stock and immediately the cycle of delivery starts. After the quality checking the product is taken for you with care at your doorstep.

“Cooldeals4you” gives utmost importance to the delivery process. At each step the necessary updated are done on the system so that customers can track the delivery of their products on the website.

In the delivery process a third party vendor is hired. We are contracted with the best courier companies to do the same. We provide the best handling care of your purchased products. Our delivery policy includes special attention for the fragile goods.

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